DRW Drinking Game

Like drinking? Love the Wings? Prepare yourself for the ultimate viewing experience. As if watching hockey wasn’t already fun enough…

Take a Sip
-Zoom in on Mike Babcock
-Camera scans the DRW/opposing team’s bench
-Mickey complains about the refs
-Call Datsyuk the best two-way player in the game
-Broken stick
-Refer to Brendan Shanahan as “The Sheriff”
-Larry Murphy talks about Dollar Hotdog Night
-Mickey Redmond: “Holy Mackerel!” (or other Mickey-isms)
-Pierre McGuire says/does something creepy (don’t forget to post it!)

Pound a Shot
-Goal (Shorthanded x2)
-Penalty kill (5-on-3 x2)
-DRW power play
-Fight (DRW win x2)
-Player on opposing team gets leveled (Kronwalled x2)
-Refer to Datsyuk as Houdini
-Joe Louis Arena DJ plays “Don’t Stop Believin”

Chug Your Drink!
-End of each period
-Babcock smiles
-Mention Nick Lidstrom retiring (drink to drown your sorrow)
-Octopus on the ice

**Disclaimer: Every Wings fan knows that a lot can happen in the 3rd period, so use discretion and drink at your own risk. LET’S GO WINGS!!!


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