“Too Old and Slow” aka The Broken Record

Well with the Wings down 3-1 in their opening series against Pekka Rinne and the Nashville Predators, it is no wonder that the annual “too old and slow” critiques begin falling from the sky in Hockeytown.

The Wings have apparently been “too old and slow” for the past 15 years, despite earning 100+ points in each regular season since 1999, by far the league’s longest streak.

This “old and slow” comment is a obvious sign of someone who watches Twitter, and not the game. Clearly, anyone who actually watches the NHL, will know that puck movement trumps speed in all cases. If speed was the only indication of a good team, Apollo Anton Ohno would be taking home his 8th straight MVP this season (but no Lady Byng, he’s been known to trip).

Moreover, the Red Wings are not the grey beards of years past. Their average age is under 30. Abdelkader, Howard, Emmerton, Nyquist, Smith, Kindl, and the list goes on of younger talent within this organization.

Come playoff time, age turns to experience, which often translates into wins. 10 of the 15 oldest teams in the NHL by average age are still fighting for the Cup today.  Meanwhile, only 3 of the 11 youngest squads remain.

That’s not to say the Wings don’t have problems. They’ve scored eight goals in four games this series, have gotten very little production from top scorers and have lost too many pucks in their own end. But please, be better than the parrots on talk radio and social media, who are simply repeating something they overheard at the urinal.  It is far from the truth.


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