So you agree…You think he’s really creepy

I’m sure most Detroit Red Wings fans would agree that it is often times painful when our games are aired on VERSUS. Not only do I miss the normal crew, but the commentating and player interviews make me cringe. More specifically, Pierre McGuire makes me cringe. Some of the things he says make me crawl in my own skin and others are so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh. Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy posted “The 11 ickiest Pierre McGuire lines about Sidney Crosby’s return” this morning, which was absolutely amazing. It’s a must read. It was so inspiring that we’ve decided to make a season-long activity involving the creepiest lines said by the creepiest of the creeps (potentially) in hockey history.

Submit your favorite/the most disturbing Pierre McGuire quotes or videos via twitter, email, or in the comments section below. We’ll post them and then have a vote at the end of the season for what best represents Pierre McGuire.


Pierre McGuire

"I'm a Puck Bunny hehe"


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  1. I don’t remember exact quotes off the top of my head, someone else might, but watching him do the World Junior Hockey Championship often leads to a lot of disturbing and awkward quotes about players.

    One of his best moments when he stormed off the TSN set during trade deadline day when the Penguins traded Colby Armstrong. He actually said that trade was going to ruin Sidney Crosby’s career then stormed off the set.

  2. Impossible task. After bashing my head in with a hammer during every Versus game I find it hard to remember anything that was said or done in the game. Well, except that Sidney Crosby’s sister is a goaltender at Shattuck and that’s only because it’s said during all Sabres – Flyers games.

  3. Oh oh I got another one: “If you see Tim Thomas without his clothes on, you can’t tell he’s a professional athlete.”

  4. “There’s magic as soon as he touches it”

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