Wings Keep Ducks In The Dark

Here is some instant analysis from tonight’s game.

Play of the game: While many will say it was an amazing empty net bank shot goal from Brad Stuart , Howard’s sprawling glove save on Corey Perry was the difference tonight. Howard recovered from some contact and dove to his left to stop the puck from fully crossing the line. The play was confirmed shortly after by replay.

Hardworkin’ Wing: Danny Cleary had some effective play in his 25 shifts, but none better than his last. Cleary disrupted the Ducks attack with two huge hustle plays on his own half of the ice. He finished +2

Stat you’re tired of seeing: I’m sorry to keep posting this every time, but Nicklas Lidstrom played an incredible 27:18 minutes tonight. That’s insane. At his age. At any age. He’s the best.

Room for improvement: The Red Wings were terrible in the faceoff circle. The Ducks owned a 36-19 advantage. Henrik won 2 of 12. Pav won only 9 of 23. Home or away, you have to be better than that. Faceoffs create possession. It’s a fact.

Watercooler Ammo: There was a 27 minute delay in the first period when the power went out. The first period TV feed was barely watchable, and at one point, Ken Daniels used his cell phone to call in the broadcast to the FSD truck outside the arena.

We’ll be back with more all week, be sure to check out our Sunday Funday post if you have not already!


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